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  • XLive

    XLive is an application for chatting via ICQ, GTalk, reading & sending e–mails, accessing RSS feeds.


    • Chatting withs friend using different protocols (ICQ, GTalk)
    • Reading news - fast and simple
    • Support RSS
    • Sending and reading e-mails
    • Support IMAP,POP3 and SMTP protocol
    • Support SSL
    • Intuitive interface

    Developer Site


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  • TooDo

    TooDo is a free Android application which enables the owner of a PDA running this forthcoming operating system, to manage smartly all the things he needs to be done.

    Features :

    • Creation/edition of todos through a rich user interface
    • Classification of todos through categories, which propose default behaviours to todos
    • Filtering and search of todos
    • Various reminder notifications through sound, vibration, led. All notifications can be suspended for a while.
    • Emission and reception of todos via SMS
    • Import of todos from the “Remember the Milk” service
    • Fully internationalizable (this is not possible for the moment in Android, but all texts are not “hard-coded”)
    • Extensible for synchronization to any task manager web service (provided they propose an API)

    In addition, TooDo is totally free of use.


    Developer Site

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  • Memo 1.0

    The application, through a user friendly interface, offers the users the chance to play the well-known Memory game now on the Android platform. Currently under the tiles hide random numbers. Each round different random numbers may appear under the tiles.

    The tiles appear once the application is started. If a tile is chosen, the value hidden under it is displayed to the user. If two selected tiles have the same value, this is a matching pair. The game ends when all matching tiles are discovered.

    Nice to have features:
    - configurable number of tiles
    - timed game
    - automated saving of game status and restore functions
    - provide the possibility of changing the content of tiles (using pictures as tile values)
    - multiplayer over network


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  • AndroidChat

    AndroidChat is a location aware chat client (and server, but more on that later) for the Android Platform designed to compete in the Android Developers Challenge

    More technically, the project consists of modifications to the inspircd irc daemon to support location-awareness services, and a client for Google’s Android platform which supports location based channel matching.

    Probably one of the first things you should do before actually running the client is read the manual. I intend to shift the manual into the wiki, but for now it’s available as a download in PDF format.


    Developer Site

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  • AndNav!

    AndNav! 0.5.0 is totally free Android based Navigation System, which requires only GPS and a Internet-Connection to show all its features.


    • Worldwide Map-Routing, based on GoogleMaps.
    • Always up to date!
    • Via-Routes (From A over B to C)
    • No need to buy MapPacks, never!
    • Street-View and Satellite View
    • 100% Free (forever!)
    • Only your Internet fees
    • FirstAid-Help
    • Traffic Overlay (soon)
    • No TMC needed.
    • Loads hiking routes in many formats (soon)
    • POI-search (Points-Of-Interest) (soon)
    • Various map display types (rotating or fixed).

      Have fun testing this AndNav! preview release.


      Developer Site

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    • Opera Mini

      Opera Mini is an incredible mobile version of the Opera browser. Opera Mini has performed very well on other mobile devices, and its exciting to see it for Android now.

      Opera Mini works by compressing the images and pages on a remote server, then sending the compressed site to the mobile device. This works well because it makes the remote servers do the work, and sends less data to the device. This gives a quicker browsing experience.

      Opera Mini Site | Discuss

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    • Ceenoo Android

      Ceenoo is a location-based service for mobile and web. The product was designed with main goal to make all information available to user in just several simple clicks. In Ceenoo, everything is reorganized into a hierarchical system of places. For each type of place, there will be different features. For example, a region may be a city and so can contain child places; a travel spot allows user to add info, photo and video; a university will enable student to create and manage many groups. Not only offering stand-alone services, Ceenoo also allows user to connect to other services like Wikipedia, Flickr, Youtube… to download and upload data directly by using their own accounts instead of using only Ceenoo data server. Finally, Ceenoo allows user to invite and keep contact with their friends in an easy manner. Just by a click, user can locate exactly the position of all friends around, their status and lots of other things basing on unique features designed for mobile.


      Developer Site

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    • Manage

      Manage v1.2b is a file manager to do basic file operations like move, copy, delete etc. I’ve used this as a reference for the ‘file browser’ part of the code. Ideally, the options should’ve been done in Menu, but here i’ve used List Dialog.


      Developer Site

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    • Android SOS

      An Android application that can flash Morse code with the default message as SOS. This is the essential life-saving application you absolutely must have in your Android-powered phone! Imagine your romantic Alaska cruise vacation goes Titanic, with little to non-existent cellphone signal coverage, the only thing you will ever need is a Morse-code-SOS-flashlight! There’s more to this application, you can enter any phrase and it will translate into Morse codes and flash it out for you; very handy in the case you want to ask the girl next door for a date but too shy to say so… 8-B.


      Developer Site

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    • Caltroid

      Caltroid is a Caltrain schedule application for Android devices.

      The usage is pretty simple. Two buttons determine the day of the week and direction of travel. With spinners you can select departure and destination stations. The trains and their departure and arrival times are shown below.

      Finally there is a button to locate the nearest Caltrain station using GPS.

      The source is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.


      Developer Site

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